Behind the Scenes: How it's Crafted / Photographed

Behind the Scenes: How it's Crafted / Photographed

In the craft of photojournalism, editors need to find images that can move a viewer. It is not an easy task. As with all art forms, there are no guarantees that the result will be perfect. A good photographer or journalist knows their work must honor the audience and stand up to scrutiny.

Lilyvot Jewelry Behind the Scenes: How it's Crafted / Photographed


Steps How Behind the Scenes is Crafted / Photographed

1. Concept

A photojournalist can spend as little as twenty minutes or as long as three months in the concept phase. This stage is where ideas are formed, like an outline for a novel. One of the most important things to remember during this stage is that the concept will help create a baseline for camera settings and shooting style.
 Lilyvot Jewelry Behind the Scenes: How it's Crafted / Photographed

2. Planning

At this stage, a photojournalist chooses which equipment they will use and often which lens they prefer. Research is done on the location and subject. It is also where the photojournalist will begin to formulate a schedule for the photo shoot. The photojournalist's goal during this stage is to have all of the information so that they can spend as little time as possible on research when she arrives at a location.
 Lilyvot Jewelry Behind the Scenes: How it's Crafted / Photographed

3. Execution

It is usually where things get hectic. During this stage, the photojournalist is not only taking pictures but also looking for that one picture that will make the cover of Time or a page in National Geographic. The photojournalist must take pictures quickly, knowing they must have a plan beyond the immediate shot that she is taking.

4. Post-Processing

The final stage is where months of preparation either pay off or fall apart. During this stage, a photojournalist will edit their work using Lilyvot Jewelry, pearl, and Gold Vermeil. They will look for that one shot that they know could be there and will go through thousands of pictures until they find it.

Beyond the four steps, many aspects of a photojournalist's craft are difficult to capture. Behind the Scenes can be a job for an individual who loves photography and needs money. It does not have to be an executive-level job or have a superior salary. The key is being passionate about what you do and never trying to do it for the money.
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